Cake Decorations

At the Pennsylvania Bakery all our products are made from scratch and on the premises. We strive to offer as much quality and variety as possible to satisfy even the choosiest appetite.

Each of our cakes is a work of art, that is hand-made and artistically decorated by one of our skilled decorators. We work very hard to suit all your cake needs, but do keep in mind that our decorators are "Creative Artists" who may infuse their own flair into the decorations. Therefore what you are picturing in your mind, may be slightly different than the outcome.

If you have an idea of a specialty decoration for your cake, please feel free to bring in a picture and we will work to meet your specific needs. The colors that are used on your cake are also mixed by hand, so it is possible that there will be some shade variations.

If you desire to have a photograph scanned onto the cake, please make sure that your image is of a very high quality. The better the picture quality, the better the outcome when scanned onto the cake.

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