Cake Ordering Information

Cake Sizes & Servings:

(Unless Specified Below - ALL cakes consist of 2 thick layers with a layer of icing or fillings in between)

  Size  Servings
Gift Cakes
  Round - 1 Layer 3-5
  Rectangle - 1 Layer 3-5
  Round/Square - 2 Layers 3-5
Round Cakes
  7" 6-8
  8" 8-10
  10" 15-20
  12" 25-30
  14" 45-50
Square Cakes
  8" 15-20
  10" 25-35
  12" 45-50
Sheet Cakes
  1/4 Sheet 15-24
  1/2 Sheet 35-50
  Full Sheet 70-100
Various Types of Cake: Cake Flavorings Extract:
  yellow / vanilla amaretto
  chocolate banana
  marble cherry
  1/2 & 1/2 (layer of yellow & chocolate) lemon
  white orange
  pound pineapple
  carrot mocha
  red velvet raspberry
  spice strawberry



pumpkin or apple sauce (seasonal)


Gluten Free - yellow, chocolate, marble

Sugar Free - yellow

Eggless Cake- yellow, chocolate, marble


Various Types of Icing: Flavored Icings:
  buttercream Caramel
  whipped cream Cherry
  chocolate buttercream Orange
  peanut butter Strawberry
  cream cheese (w/nuts & coconut, or plain) Cream de Menthe
  chocolate mousse Raspberry
  coconut buttercream Lemon
  sugar free (minimal decorations - without color) Banana
  german chocolate Mocha
Various Types of Filling:
  apple mocha
  blueberry hazelnut
  cherry peanut butter
  black cherry caramel
  lemon german chocolate
  peach custard (chocolate or vanilla)
  raspberry cannoli
  strawberry cream cheese
  banana cream coconut
  pineapple chocolate mousse